Instructor / Educator Develoment

At the TEAL Education Group, we believe an instructor should inspire to become an educator. On our staff, we have a professional educator that has a Masters Degree in education that can help an individual initially an instructor but also in their development to an educator. We think it is equally important for an indivdiual who teaches to be an expert in the content area as well as in the field of education.

The TEAL Education Group views an instructor as predominately a content expert who shares his/her knowledge. When he/she instruct, they appear as the “sage on the stage” imparting knowledge to a participant. The structure of the class that an "instructor" teaches has been been established by others. Typically, the student needs to adapt to the style of the "instructor" to learn new skills and knowledge. An "instructor" might have had some basic class in instruction that helps them to teach the content. Some instructors look at the "instructor" class strictly as a requirement to teach a class and not as means to develop into an educator

An educator is someone who strives to be a expert in education as much as a content expert. They actively look for opportunities to learn more about the theory and practice of  education. Educators have the skills to develop instructional programs to convey certain knowledge and skills that are educational sound and are adapted to the various learning styles of the participants of a class.

The TEAL Education Group has Instructor Trainers on staff that are available to train and/or monitor individuals who wish to become an instructor for an American Heart Association, American Health and Safety Institute, and/or the National Assocation of EMTs class. Also, we can be helpful in the development of instructors for initial EMS training programs.

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