At the TEAL Education Group, we are committed to quality teaching, education and learning. We combine theoretical knowledge in education with years of practical experience in the classroom. Our company can address your educational needs from program and curriculum development to instruction. We have the resources and knowledge to accomplish instruction in a face-to-face format as well as conducting classes online.

We have experience in teaching emergency medicine and life support to healthcare providers and the general public as well as designing and implementing Internet based learning systems. We are actively involved in EMS Education from the local to the national levels. This gives us the ability to provide an educational experience that reflects the most current science and practice to practioners as well as educators.

It is our philosophy to deal with each client with honesty and integrity. We firmly believe in having a collaborative working relationship with each client so that their needs are accurately assessed and met. Communications will be the cornerstone in keeping our clients satisfied. We firmly believe that an active dialog between our company and each client will result in providing a high quality service.

We look forward to answering your questions and the opportunity to meet your personal, professional and organizational needs.Thank you for visiting the TEAL Education Group online.